Shopping at Tropical Spice Garden in the City

Our Tropical Spice Garden in the City gallery is a gem. If you're looking to pick up a piece of Penang, a gift or a souvenir, do visit and explore what we have. Principally we like to highlight our local natural resources, and spice and herbs from neighboring countries, encourage well-being, the colors and art works by artists local and international. We also carry selected and quality products from our local partners 

Not many people know this but we have real cinnamon on our shelves. We import directly from Sri Lanka and are the only ones carrying it. Cinnamon is different from cassia which you can find in all grocery and sundries ( which is now packed as 'cinnamon') . Local chefs in the know get it from us! Its a secret we want to tell you about.

If you're just browsing, we'd still love for you to drop by for a chat and share ideas on what to do on this beautiful island and not forgetting mainland Penang. Bookings for tours and cooking classes for Tropical Spice Garden at Teluk Bahang can be arranged at our shop in the city. 

Here a quick list of must haves  and prices before you go off wandering Penang!

Bath salts , incense, body oils and aromatherapy price range RM 10 - 26.50

Tea Towels, Retro Aprons, Spice and Herbs from Penang price range RM 8 - 19.90

Vintage Toiletries for him and for her RM 40.30 a set each

Spice Chai pouch 100g RM 21 or in a brown paper-bag packet of 50g RM 12 

  A whole range of good products can be ordered online