What are your rates, cancellation and refund terms?

Check out our Terms & Conditions page HERE for all rental information!

Can I smoke? 

Sorry! No smoking in the rooms or apartments. 
If you wish to smoke you can do so downstairs at No 29 in our 5 foot way or outside under the tree and sit on our granite benches! 


Getting hold of people is not a problem- phones, apps, and emails reign. Guests at China Tiger have access to WiFi. The password is provided. 


At China Tiger we provide bottled water in the rooms. Please always keep hydrated in the tropics! 

The tap water in Malaysia is fully treated & chlorinated so there are no problems with drinking tap water or brushing your teeth with it. Generally, the standard of hygiene in Malaysia is extremely good. Bottled water is readily available everywhere. Always remember to keep hydrated. 

transport in Penang

Please call Richard the Taxi man at +6019 4120 780. He is always reliable, will send a car anytime.

Rapid bus offers the free RAPID CAT bus- free around the city, so it will get you from the end of our street, on Beach Street to Komtar, Prangin Mall and First Avenue Mall. Here is great fun shopping, cinemas, food outlets, supermarket, you can get your nails manicured, pedicured and madly decorated.  If you're ready to venture off the CAT FREE bus shuttle, be prepared to pay with small change on other Rapid Penang buses. 

We also recommend guests to download the Uber Penang app https://www.uber.com/cities/penang .


Malaysia is tropical & relaxed. Clothes in white, beige or khaki are good. Light colours also keep the mosquitos away. Dark colours attract them. Cotton, natural fibres is the way to go. You will sweat, so rule number 1 is to KEEP COOL! You must wear sunblock when in the sun. 

For day : Cotton shirts, T-shirt, shorts, swimwear, pareos, hat, sunblock, camera, small binoculars, sneakers or sandals. A long sleeve shirt is good for visits to temples & mosques. 

For evening : Light pants, light shawl, sarong, light long sleeved shirt. 

Colours to wear : White, beige, khaki, pastels. 

Bring your personal and children's medication, glasses. 

We have a good library so you can choose a book for your stay with us here. 


Do not swamp yourself with things like sunblock, insect repellent, shampoos, nappies etc. All of this kind of stuff is readily available in many shops on China Street. 

In terms of first aid, we have a great pharmacy a couple of houses down from us. It has everything! 


The local currency is called Ringgit and Sen. There are 100 Sen in one Ringgit. All the banks, ATMs & money changers are all on the end of our road. China Tiger does not accept credit cards. 

When traveling off the beaten track it is best to have some Ringgit with you. You can use credit cards at ATM machines or at banks which generally give better exchange rates than hotels. 


The power supply is reliable & is supplied at 220 to 240 volts & plugs are 3 pin. Those with electrical appliances are advised to bring electrical adapters. 


The official language is Bahasa Malaysia. English, however, is very widely spoken, understood & in general use everywhere. Other languages spoken widely are Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien & Tamil. 


Commonwealth Countries - No visa required except for Bangladesh, India, Pakistan & Sri Langka. 

Citizens of Israel, Serbia & Montenegro cannot enter without permission from the Malaysia Government. 

Indonesia, Philippines & Thailand- Require visas unless they are on a Social & Business Visit for less than 1 month. 

Most other countries- no visa required for a Social & Business Visit unless duration exceeds either 1 or 3 months. Check country requirements at the nearest immigration or diplomatic mission office. 

Your passport must be valid for 6 months. 

Sabah & Sarawak are treated like separate sovereign states, and you need your passport when traveling between them & the Peninsula. 


There are so many just a stones throw away! And there are news one opening all the time. This is food city! For breakfast, at our intersection,  under the tree, try Chinese breakfast noodles (Bee Hoon Mee) and Penang's Famous Char Kuey Teow and Wan Ton Mee!

Check out our blog post on food for more recommendations or log on to www.timeoutpenang.com for a list of eats! 


Most necessities available at Ramani's, the Indian shop on the end of our road, or Enricos' on Beach Street. There are plenty of shops in this area that sell all sorts of goodies- sugared almonds, cranberries, fresh veg, lentils, potatoes, basically anything that a curry can be made of. great fresh yogurt at Enrico's sold in tubs under the name 'Mom's yogurt'. 


The best local wet market is on Kuala Kangsar Road between Campbell Street and Kimberley Street, just walking distance from us. Takes about 15 minutes to get there. Go in the morning & walk along to the next street for the Dim Sum at Tai Tong cafe! 

Our favourite is the Thieves Market - at Lorong Kulit- at the city stadium carpark. 9am- 12 noon- need a cab to get there & please get him to wait for you. Bric a brac, honey, fruit, second clothes. Very much a local market but such fun. A few antique traders set up there, a honey man with hives comes in on Sat & Sundays. Busiest at the weekends! We always come away with a couple of bags of treasure! 


Yes, its a great way to see it all. Traffic during weekdays is a little frantic & you need need to be super careful but weekends & evenings are great. Sundays are car free from our end of Beach Street to the Esplanade. Hire bicycles at The leaf Healthy Store- 5 Penang Street- just around the corner from us. 


Basically everything! We are in Little India and at the centre of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. We provide maps and information in each apartment, so explore! 

Our recommended must do: Visit the Top floor revolving 360 restaurant at the City Bayview Hotel. The view is fantastic, especially at sunset, have a cocktail at the open bar and watch the day turn into night. One of best views of George Town that you will get. City Bayview is opposite the E&O Hotel. A 10 minute walk from China Tiger. 

What about a heritage guide? 

For the best heritage guides, call the Penang Heritage Trust at +604 264 2631. Ask for guides & walking tours. PHT guides have all be trained by the Penang Heritage Trust and are all trained with the UNESCO site in mind. 

How can I contribute to the continued preservation & protection of heritage in George Town? 

I urge you to please join the Penang Heritage Trust. It was the PHT members who demonstrated in front of No 25 China Street when the owners tried to demolish the building. It was PHT who managed to get the State to slap on a stop work order which compelled the owners to leave the building alone. PHT relies solely on their memberships, volunteer council members & small fundraising efforts to keep going. Without this NGO George Town could well have disappeared by now. PHT was instrumental in the UNESCO listing. Please join. A life membership is only RM1000. They release a great newsletter & offer wonderful site visits to their members, presented by very knowledgeable & passionate speakers. Click here for their membership forms. Or visit their website at www.pht.org.my


Both drugs & firearms are illegal in Malaysia. The procession of either Firearms without a license, and drugs in an amount deems you a trafficker is punishable by death under Malaysian law. Please note that China Tiger will not tolerate the use of any kind of illegal substance on its premises and we will take action if necessary. 


Hepatitis A is recommended over Hepatitis B Vaccine, Hepatitis A being the food & water borne illness that knocks you out badly. 

Tetanus/ diphtheria (Td) A booster every 10 years regardless of travel. 

Influenza & Pneumonia vaccines recommended for age 65 or older, & for anyone with chronic respiratory or cardiac problems or diabetes. 

We do strongly recommend that you consult your physician regarding medication & immunizations. 


It is almost always hot & humid during the day. Rain can be just a drizzle or absolutely bucket down with thunder & lightning. It dries up fast & you can generally get on with your day. Evenings can be cool enough for a long sleeve shirt or light shawl. Keep hydrated! 


Penang Island has a population that practices all the religions & festivals take place very regularly. All the temples & places of worship in the vicinity of China Street mean that religion & worship is very much part of your experience here. 

Malaysia is an Islamic country. The official religion is Islam. Other religions are freely practiced, the main being Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism & Sikhism. 

Alcohol & consumption of pork is not restricted, although the majority of restaurants within malls & hotels are halal i.e. no pork is served. 

We are very lucky in Malaysia to be truly multicultural & to be able to be free as individuals. It is liberal, relaxed, modern & fashionable. A reasonable amount of common and good sense goes a long way in any unfamiliar culture, and it is worth noting that most Asian religions prefer a modest sense of dress. 

here are Some facts about Malaysia

Spread over 330,000 sq. km. Comprising West (Peninsular) Malaysia & East Malaysia (located along the northern 1/3 of the Island or Borneo.) 

States in the Peninsular are Perlis, Kedah, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor, Pahang, Kelantan, Terengganu, & the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. In East Malaysia we have the states of Sabah & Sarawak, & the Federal Territory of Labuan. Total 13 states plus 2 Federal Territories. 

The 2 portions of the country are divided by 540 km of the South China Sea. Thailand borders us to the North, & Singapore Island at our Southern tip. To the West & South are the islands of the Indonesian archipelago. The Straits of Malacca runs along the west coast dividing us from the island of Sumatra. 

Population-27 million. 
Approximate breakdown - 60% Malay & Indigenous races
30% Chinese
10% Indian & others. 

Malaysia is a parliamentary democracy & a constitutional monarchy. The government is headed by the Prime Minister & his full Cabinet. 9 states have a Sultan as Head of State, 4 have Governors. The Sultans rotate as King, each with a 5 year term. A Mayor administers each of the 2 Federal Territories. The Federal Government wields the power, except for issues involving land, culture & religion, which are all decided at State level.